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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cupfake Info!

Good morning readers, cupfake collectors, cupcake makers, bakers and friends!  I'm sitting here this morning with my life-giving cup of coffee waiting for the carpet cleaning man to come so I thought I would type up a little hello to you all and share some info.

If you follow my Facebook fan page you'd know that my Etsy shop is TEMPORARILY closed.  We are in the process of moving and I really needed to pack up all of my supplies and inventory to get things moving, so naturally I could not keep the store open while this was all in process.  I hate having the shop closed, BUT it is giving me time to come up with some new ways that I'd like to celebrate a grand re-opening which is scheduled for June (so far).

The new place has a dedicated craft room just for The Cakery Fakery to do its thing!  Finally!  No more keeping things here and there and everywhere!  I think just having a special place like this will inspire lots of new goodies!

Some things I have planned are:
New cupfakes (of course)
New faux sundaes, shakes and cakes!
Cupcake and dessert inspired photo frames and home decor
Cupcake and dessert themed paper goods!  Yes!  We'll be expanding into the greeting card business! Not sure how well these will do "business-wise" but I don't care, I like making them!

I'm learning about making candles and if I can master the art and find a cupcake scent, then we'll be doing those too!

I'll probably be doing a cupfake giveaway as well to celebrate the re-opening so stay tuned!  Keep checking out the Facebook fan page because I am always posting little fun tidbits there!

see you soon!