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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Long Time, No Cupfake!

Hello fans and followers!  It's a been a long hard summer with lots of things going on that have unfortunately kept me from making new and exciting products for my cupfake lovers!

However with Fall soon approaching and school starting, I am sure I will have plenty of time to get my butt in gear and get back to work.  In fact, I will be heading to Home Depot this week to re-up on my supplies!

First on my list will be Autumn themed cupfakes as well as brand new Christmas designs and ornaments.  Last year, my Christmas tree cupfakes were big sellers and I am hoping to improve on that for 2012.  Aside from cupfakes, I have lots of ideas for cute Halloween giveaways for the kids this year so I will also be busy creating those goodies as well!  Check out these cute pumpkin crafts!

So I hope my fellow crafters are gearing up to create some wonderful seasonal items and you know you can share them here!

Also, don't forget to follow me on facebook!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Change is Hard!

Hi all!  I know its been forever since I have posted but things are crazy busy right now and finding moments here and there is not easy!

I know that I had posted previously that my store will be open again on June 15, but that day seems to have come and gone :(  

I am in the process of setting up a new crafting studio and dedicated cupfake haven in one of the rooms in my basement.  While trying to "get organized" and create the space, I quickly became overwhelmed with the design choices and plethora of organization products so I enlisted the help of California Closets to come by and help me!  I have my consultation next week, so we'll see how it goes.  Hopefully they can come in and create my dream crafting space and I can get back to the business of cupfakin!  

Although I needed the break, I am the first to admit that I truly miss making my cupfakes and I have created a list of ideas so long that its mind boggling.  So when I am able to get the store back up and running, I promised myself that I would start slow and hit that idea list thoughtfully lol! 

I sure hope you all will hang in there with me!  I'll keep you posted and hopefully, the next time you see a post from me, it will be for my grand re-opening!  

Love and Cupcakes! 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cupfake Info!

Good morning readers, cupfake collectors, cupcake makers, bakers and friends!  I'm sitting here this morning with my life-giving cup of coffee waiting for the carpet cleaning man to come so I thought I would type up a little hello to you all and share some info.

If you follow my Facebook fan page you'd know that my Etsy shop is TEMPORARILY closed.  We are in the process of moving and I really needed to pack up all of my supplies and inventory to get things moving, so naturally I could not keep the store open while this was all in process.  I hate having the shop closed, BUT it is giving me time to come up with some new ways that I'd like to celebrate a grand re-opening which is scheduled for June (so far).

The new place has a dedicated craft room just for The Cakery Fakery to do its thing!  Finally!  No more keeping things here and there and everywhere!  I think just having a special place like this will inspire lots of new goodies!

Some things I have planned are:
New cupfakes (of course)
New faux sundaes, shakes and cakes!
Cupcake and dessert inspired photo frames and home decor
Cupcake and dessert themed paper goods!  Yes!  We'll be expanding into the greeting card business! Not sure how well these will do "business-wise" but I don't care, I like making them!

I'm learning about making candles and if I can master the art and find a cupcake scent, then we'll be doing those too!

I'll probably be doing a cupfake giveaway as well to celebrate the re-opening so stay tuned!  Keep checking out the Facebook fan page because I am always posting little fun tidbits there!

see you soon!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Food Hangover

So yesterday was the can I forget since its all anyone talks about, the mentions on facebook are in the bazillions, so the game is pretty hard to get away from.  Luckily my husbands team was not in the superbowl this year (again).  So while it was a watched event in my house, the excitement level was not at fever pitch.

I did, however, try to make it a fun evening and made lots of food.  Lasagna, sausages, rice balls, guacamole for snacking, etc etc.  So I was cooking and picking all day long and now I am paying for it.  My stomach has a food hangover.

Today I will be working on a custom order for a cupfake trinket box as well as the prize winner's custom cupfake.  It may take me twice as long a usual because I am on super slow mode this morning.  

So how did all of you spend Superbowl Sunday?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Snooki Jersey Shore Cupfake!

OK, I have noticed over the last few months that there has been an absolute explosion of new cupfake makers.   What I see, though, is that these crafters are all basically making the same product over and over and I think what sets The Cakery Fakery apart is that I create mostly "themed" cupfakes!  How many cupfakers out there have created a Dexter, Tony Soprano, Wizard of Oz or most recently The Snooki?  None of them.  So, yes I am doing a bit of bragging here.

I truly believe my cupfakes are 100% unique when it comes to creativity especially the focus on pop culture.  Take a look at the new Snooki!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stress and Cupfakes

Good morning to you!  I am having my morning coffee, mentally going over my to-do list and preparing supplies for my very first "Jersey Shore" cupfake!  It is an ode to "Snooki"!  I think it should be a very fun cupfake and I hope my readers, customers and fans get a kick out of the finished product.

Today I called my post "Stress & Cupfakes" because of all the things we all have going on in our lives both the stressful AND the fun.  I am sure if I were sitting with all of you around a table we could all run off a list a mile long about all the negative things going on in life right now.  I once heard someone say, that if you gather a group of people and all of you put your problems on the table, you'd gladly take your own.  So through all the craziness I am trying to keep that idea in mind.  That no matter what you have going on that is just sucking the life energy out of you, there is someone who probably has it much worse and if we have to choose whose shoes to be in, we should probably just stick to our own.

I find that one of the ways I MUST deal with stress is to completely blank out the things that are driving me crazy.  For me, its to either clean my house or create something.  And no, I'm not always making just cupfakes!  I think when you are creating something, your mind focuses on the task at hand, time goes by and you realize that an hour or two went by and you didn't think about your problems even once.  You may go right back to thinking and stressing about them, but for the last couple of hours your mind had a rest from it all.

Some of the things I like to do to give the mind a break:

Arts & craftsy type stuff (it takes a lot of focus and concentration)
Cleaning up or organizing stuff (one of those mindless kinds of things that keeps your body and hands busy)
writing blog posts!

Some of the activities that actually contribute to my stress
Sitting and reading a magazine (I think its the guilt factor that I should be doing something more productive....I should work on this)
Talking on the phone (I hate the phone)
Dealing with "paperwork". I loathe having papers around and pretty much throw most of it away or take care of it immediately because I just despise looking at it.

So what does all of this mean?  I just took a look at my stress-relievers and realize that I really should have a more than three items on that list!  How sad for me!   I accept and encourage all suggestions!!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hope Your Holidays Were Wonderful!

I'm sitting here with my cup of coffee trying desperately to arrange my to-do list.  Writing a blog post was one of them, so CHECK!

My cupfake to-do list is growing and growing.  I am waiting for my little one to go to school so I can come home and start making the cupfake bases.  I think that is the most boring part, so I like to get that out of the way.  My plan is to make a WHOLE BUNCH so that I have them ready for future request orders.

I sincerely hope that your holidays were filled with sweet memories.  I know ours were.  My daughter got more toys and gifts than ever and the state of my house is proof.  I am constantly moving toys from one place to another.  Every time she asks me to open something I get a pit in my stomach because I know that I have to break out the power tools to get them out of their boxes!  Whats up with that?

The 2011 Christmas season was eventful and fun.  We went to Rockefeller Center to go ice skating (saw Tom Cruise there too lol!), spent a lot of time with family, attended my moms work Christmas party brunch, New Years Eve was pretty quiet but then we had Amanda's birthday party the following week (see post below).  I had NO TIME at all to make any new cupfakes, but that usually happens this time of year.

Doing a ton of work with regards to moving as well, which is not as fun as I imagined.  This cake fake needs a breather for sure.