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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More halloween Treats!

Yes, i am already in full-on Halloween mode.  Here are a few of my Halloween Cupfakes for sale in my Etsy shop :)

This is a three piece set

Business has been good!  I am so grateful for people's interest, although I DO wish more folks would but the ones ALREADY MADE hanging out in my etsy shop right now lol!

Monday, August 30, 2010

At a shop near you!

Good news for my Staten Island area pals!  You can now buy my cupfakes at Checkerbells 643 Forrest Avenue Staten Island!

Friday, August 27, 2010


This shimmering beauty is actually part of a four piece set I made for a little girls birthday party.  Her mom wanted a table centerpiece for her cupcake themed party, and I think this is going to be a hit!

The Cakery Fakery Party Favors

OK, so although I love to create custome cupfakes one at a time depending on my mood, I really want to get the party favor aspect of my business off the ground. 

1) My cupfakes make great party favors.  People will talk about them, and I'm sure they have enough wine bottle stoppers, tiny picture frames, and bottle openers to last a lifetime.  How many cupfakes do you think they have?  None, I'm sure of it. 

2)  A cupfake is probably not the kind of party favor that will be tossed aside, lost or thrown away.  It is truly a keepsake!

3)  I can custom make them to your specifications.  You can choose colors, themes, decorations etc...  They will be YOUR creation for YOUR event!

4)  Party favors are not just for weddings and showers.  Guests will love having a take-away gift from a Summer BBQ, Halloween Party, Christmas party, birthday party, bachelorette party, you name it. 

5) You don't have to have a huge guest list to order my cupfake favors!  Having a party of five? Ten? It really doesn't matter, I can make favors for events big and small

6) Budget concerns?  I not only make standard life sized cupfakes, I make little minis too! Which obviously would cost less for you.

So if you think you'd like some cupfakes for your next event's favors, just email me at  We can talk about your party, what you need, what your budget is, etc etc.  I would also be glad to show you pics of my work. 


Link to my Etsy Shop

I know I post lost of pics of cupfakes daily but IF any of you loyal followers would actually like to PURCHASE one!  Here is the link to do so!

They really are reasonable prices!  go have a look at the whole collection!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cupfake of the Day

Every now and then I get inspiration to make truly personalized cupfakes.  Today's cupfake is the Pearl Jam cupfake made for my sister, possibly the world's biggest pearl jam fan!  I have to admit its not as nice as many of my others, but Pearl Jam is a grungy bunch, so here it is! lol

Notice the little pearl next to the polymer clay jar of jam!  Ten is their first album which is also my personal favorite.  The little man you see is the iconic Pearl Jam stick figure logo!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm Back!

Well, I am still recovering from surgery.  Its been a long 9 days so far.   In the last 9 days I have only been able to make ONE cupfake, so I'm in a little bit of cupfake withdrawal.   But here it is....

This was actually my first happy Birthday cupfake.  A rush was put on it, but she still has not come to get it.  Go figure.

Friday, August 13, 2010

New Cupfakes for Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you have something SWEET in mind this weekend!  these should get you started!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hi everyone.  Just wanted to let readers know that I do party favors.  These make adorable take-away gifts for your guests!  I can even make favors for any small get-together you may be having.  No minimum purchase required.

Just go to my etsy store or facebook fan page and send me a message letting me know the details.  I'll answer any and all questions you have about pricing, delivery etc.  Oh, those living in the NYC area get free delivery too!

Great for baby or bridal showers!  Having a Halloween party this year?  These are perfect for your guests!

I can customize according to your color scheme, theme, event, etc.

Facebook fan page:!/TheCakeryFakery?ref=ts

Etsy Shop:

Or just send me an email at

Happy anniversary Wizard of Oz!

So its one of my favorite movies!  I've created a special Wizard of Oz cupfake SET!

Here it is:

Dorothy cupfake is represented by the signature blue gingham pattern "dress".  the glittery red frosting represents her ruby red slippers.  And it is accentuated with little red poppies!

here is The Tin Man:
Wrapped in a silver foil cupcake wrapper, painted a metallic silver, this cupcake features the one thing The Tin Man longed for, a heart

Here is the Lion:
I had a tough time trying to interpret the lion with a cupcake.  So i made him lion-type colors with glittery gold flecks to represent his furryness, and I included faux silver and topaz medallions to represent the medal of courage given to him by the great and powerful Oz!

Here is the Scarecrow:
Here, the yellow frosting represents the yellow brick road, where Dorothy began her trip and encountered her first companion. I tried to recreate the scene by including some corn stalks and other scare-crowy things lol! He also has a little diploma that was given to him by the Wizard himself!

Hope you like them!

Fake Cupcake of the Day!

Its a grey day outside today, breezy and cooler than it has been in ages.  This kind of weather really has me yearning for some fall activities!  Making s',ores being one of them!  So please enjoy today's cupfake.  Its my interpretation of a s'mores cupcake.  If this were a real cupcake, it would probably be pretty messy, but thats the fun of s'mores anyway!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Hump Day, Have A Cupfake!

Uniquely Sweet!

In keeping with my obsession with faux cupcakes, I found another Etsy shop that truly deserves mention here.

These polymer clay treats come to you from Cuddlebugeeshie.  You can view her shop right here:

These would make fabulous little gifts for the cupcake lover in your life?  Or perhaps you're own jewelry box needs a little sweetening?  I love that they are whimsical and look so real! I think I may get some for myself and put them on when I am making my cupfakes to really put me in the cupcake makin' mood!  Stop taking life so seriously, and throw on some of this 100% handmade jewelry and I bet your mood and creative spirits will be lifted!

Hey, if you own a bakery, I think you should make these part of your staff's uniform!   Creative and colorful, I think you guys will love them!  Show her your sweet side and go take a look at her Etsy shop!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Incredible Polymer Clay Cupcake Creations!

Other than making my cupfakes, I have interests in other types of crafts.  One thing I am really starting to appreciate is polymer clay.

I just spent over an hour browsing through this Etsy seller's store, Bead Passion.  It is incredible!  The most adorable cupcake jewelry made out of polymer clay! Charms, earrings, bracelets, its all there.  Its colorful, whimsical and FUN!  take a look at just some of the things she has goin' on over there!

I really love this black and white one!  Tres cupcake chic! Keep in mind these creations are teensy tiny, so a lot of work must go into each one of them! I think they are ADORABLE!  I cannot resist them! Here is the link to visit and take a look for yourself!

I'm so Over The Heat, Bring on The Treat!

OK, so I am done with Summer.  Emotionally....physically...done with it!  If you think I am rushing into the fall season with my newest cupfake, well, you're right.  Hottest Summer ever and I want it to be OVER!

Hope you enjoy my Candy Corn Cupfake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Juicy Couture cupcake oven charm

How adorable is this charm?  It comes to you from Juicy Couture!  Sells for about $58.00.  I LOVE THIS!

Juicy Couture cupcake oven charm

A good Morning Start

Well getting the news that I was mentioned on another blog today really got my energy up this morning!  I hate that I have errands to run today.  I really just feel like making more cupfakes!  I have the beginnings of the Candy Corn cupfakes ready.  So when i have some time later i'll be getting to that!

But for now, here is your cupfake of the day! Hope you like it!

The Cakery Fakery Gets some unexpected press!

Woooo hooo!  I woke up today to see that my cupfakes were featured on another blog!  This excites me to no end and gave me energy this morning that no cup of coffee could!   Please go check it out, her blog is really pretty and fun and all cute and pink (which I looooove)!

Monday, August 9, 2010

New post!

OK, so my three year old is nearing melt down stage which means that it is ALMOST bed time for her.  So I thought since this blog got some awesome new followers, I would post some pics of the cupfakes that were made today :)

Oh and stay tuned, this week....THE CANDY CORN CUPFAKE!

The one above is called Daughter.


This one is called "I Do".  Its the perfect wedding favor, if I do say so myself!

Hey look more followers!

Hello to my new followers!  I hope you enjoy my cupfakes!  A piece of my heart goes into each one of them (well.....not literally, that would be gross....and a hazard to my health).

Here is a special WELCOME TO MY BLOG cupfake!

Monday Cupfake of the day!

Well its Monday again.  I had a relaxing yet productive weekend.  We even go to go to the movies!  So I didn't have much time for cupcakin'.  However I made it to the craft store to begin working on Halloween projects!  If interested in buying any of my fake cupcakes, please visit my Etshy shop here:

So here's a fake cupcake for ya!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Sunday folks! CUPCAKE OF THE DAY!

I love a quiet Sunday morning!  Just got news that a wonderful website called will be doing a giveaway in September for one of my cupfakes!  I hop you all head over there to check it out!  I will post more on the free giveaway when I learn more!

I am very excited that my cupfakes are getting more exposure.  This has not actually turned into sale dollars yet, but I am still happy.  Its important to be proactive.

CUPFAKE OF THE DAY!   Since I am enjoying my morning coffee right now, I thought my mocha java cupfake would be a fitting cupfake of the day!  Hope you like it!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fake cupcake of the day!

Here is another one of my creations using 100% non-edible materials!  Come visit The Cakery Fakery on Facebook!

Friday, August 6, 2010

TGIF?? And Cupfake of the day!

I actually had dreams last night about my cupfakes.  Believe it.  I think I might actually have an idea to help make them look a little different.  may take more time to create it, but it might just be worth it.  I have a lot of cupfake business to take care of today for sure.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Another day, another cupfake!

Fake Cupcake of the Day!

I call this one Good Mornin' Sunshine!  I thought this would be the perfect cupfake for ANY kitchen decor. its fun and bright and it has real doll house miniature decorations.  I love the little wire whisk.  The egg inside the pan was made by me out of polymer clay and I glued it onto the pan.   This cupfake just reminds me of a nice sunny morning. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Fake Cupcakes!

Sooooooo I got an email from the awesome folks at All Things Cupcake, letting me know my cupfakes will be on the site tomorrow! I am so excited.  I am praying this will bring me the business I am looking for, especially orders for favors.  They are going to mention The Cakery Fakery, and provide a link to the Etsy store.  Hopefully this will also give me more faecbook fans as well.

OK, well here is my fake cupcake of the day!