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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Welcome to my Blog

This is the first official blog for the Cakery Fakery.  

Who am I?  I am a stay at home mom to a three year old daughter.  I am also the creator of the Cakery Fakery. This is where I create awesome fake cupcakes!  

Why fake?  Well, I'm a terrible baker and I love cupcakes.  Just seeing one makes me smile! 

I really love anything to do with cupcakes, so I create "cupfakes".  

A cupfake can be used as a paperweight, displayed in a curio, displayed in a cake stand dish that never gets used!  Looks cute on a desk, a shelf, in your kitchen, kids room or anywhere you would like to see a cupcake! 

I also want to start making cupfake party favors.  My cupfakes make great gifts, baby shower or bridal shower favors, hostess gifts, thank you gifts, or "just because" gifts.  Do you collect cupcake things?  These cupfakes are perfect for a cupcake collector.

But I add a twist onto mine when I create special themed cupcakes.  I recently made the Tony Soprano inspired cupcake, which was loved by everyone!  I also made my first collectible set of cupcakes based on The Wizard of Oz!  They were snatched up right away! 

Its not easy being a mom and doing this really gives me the creative outlet I need to break up my daily routine.  

My facebook fan page is The Cakery Fakery

I also have an etsy shop, the link is on my facebook fan page and will take you directly there.  

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