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Monday, January 9, 2012

Hope Your Holidays Were Wonderful!

I'm sitting here with my cup of coffee trying desperately to arrange my to-do list.  Writing a blog post was one of them, so CHECK!

My cupfake to-do list is growing and growing.  I am waiting for my little one to go to school so I can come home and start making the cupfake bases.  I think that is the most boring part, so I like to get that out of the way.  My plan is to make a WHOLE BUNCH so that I have them ready for future request orders.

I sincerely hope that your holidays were filled with sweet memories.  I know ours were.  My daughter got more toys and gifts than ever and the state of my house is proof.  I am constantly moving toys from one place to another.  Every time she asks me to open something I get a pit in my stomach because I know that I have to break out the power tools to get them out of their boxes!  Whats up with that?

The 2011 Christmas season was eventful and fun.  We went to Rockefeller Center to go ice skating (saw Tom Cruise there too lol!), spent a lot of time with family, attended my moms work Christmas party brunch, New Years Eve was pretty quiet but then we had Amanda's birthday party the following week (see post below).  I had NO TIME at all to make any new cupfakes, but that usually happens this time of year.

Doing a ton of work with regards to moving as well, which is not as fun as I imagined.  This cake fake needs a breather for sure.

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