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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hosting a Fabulous Cupcake Party!

Hosting a Cupcake Party for the Kids!

OK, so not everyone loves cupcakes (what’s wrong with those people??) but everyone loves a cupcake party, especially the kids!

We see on TV all the time of adults and kids alike having lavish, over-the-top theme parties that cost a king’s ransom. Personally, I think its ridiculous, especially when we are talking about kid’s birthday parties. When I think back to my own childhood birthday parties, I remember having them at my house, with my mom blowing up balloons, hanging streamers, and setting out the party plates and hats. She would hang a pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game on the wall. We had pizza and ice cream cake and some chips and stuff. Sounds simplistic? Yeah, but I also remember a house full of screaming kids all having a great time. We didn’t need much.

Today, budgets are tight but still, people give into the notion that you have to spend spend spend to have a successful party. Forget cake and ice cream, parents are hiring magicians, celebrity look-alikes, live animals, professional entertainers and photographers etc. Seriously???

A great and very inexpensive idea for your kids next birthday party is a cupcake party! You don’t have to be a pastry chef to pull this off! Simply purchase a few boxes of cake mix which can be bought for about a buck a piece, some cans of frosting (or make your own if you are good at that sort of thing) and a whole bunch of toppings!

I like to use chocolate frosting and a bunch of white frostings that can be dyed different colors with food coloring to give the kids lots of choices in their decorating!

Depending on how many kids you’ll be having over (and don’t forget the adults in attendance) bake as many cupcakes you think you’ll need. Make sure to use some fun cupcake liners for the cupcakes!

Setting the table:
Get a paper tablecloth of whatever color you like. Set the baked (but un-frosted) cupcakes out on dishes, plates or cupcake stands if you have them.

Set out the bowls and put frosting in each one with a spoon or plastic knife for spreading .

Get a party plate with sections or you can also use bowls for the cupcake decorations. Some cool decoration ideas:
• Different color sprinkles
• Chocolate chips
• Toffee chips
• Gummy bears or worms
• Peanut butter chips
• Crushed oreo cookies
• Pretzels
• Shredded coconut
• M&Ms
• Twizzlers
• Fruit roll up pieces
• Crushed candy canes
• Hershey’s kisses

Use your imagination when thinking of cupcake decorations but keep it on the cheap! Party stores and craft stores have everything you would need for this!
Let the kids decorate their own cupcakes and the adults will be more than happy to decorate one or two themselves! Having lot of different types of toppings will get the adults in on the fun too!

There are lots of variations to this idea, so only your imagination will limit you! Bake up some minis for guilt free cupcake eating too!

Don’t forget games with a cupcake theme like “pass the cupcake” (remember “hot potato”?). Have contests like “make a monster cupcake” or “most creative cupcake”.

For menu ideas perhaps you want to make something cupcake-related but on the savory side? Check out the recipe I listed for “lasagna cupcakes” here in the discussions section!

This is also a great idea for your next girls night get together! Serve up some wine, champagne or mojitos and get to decorating!

A good, memorable, fun party does not have to cost a fortune. 

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