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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Perfect Cookie & Cupcake Experience in Staten Island!

OK, I usually don't do reviews of actual bakeries since my specialty is faking, not baking.  But I had to let anyone in NYC know that the best Red Velvet Cupcake is to be had HERE in Staten Island NY on Forest Avenue.

This special spot is called The Cookie Jar.

When you enter, be prepared to be absolutely knocked over by the amazing smell of cookies in the oven.  This is NOT your ordinary bakery. At least not in Staten Island.  First of all, they have every single kind of cookie you can imagine.  Flavors, colors, shapes, textures, something for everyone, I swear!

But I was on a cupcake mission.......

They only have a few varieties of cupcakes which is fine with me, it makes the decision making process easy for me.  I chose the classic Red Velvet.   Boy as thrilled.  I only bought one and didn't eat it until after dinner that evening.  I was so sorry I didn't try it at the store because if I did, I would have bought about a dozen!

I have been disappointed by so many red velvets in my life, that I honestly was not expecting much.  This cupcake made me stop what I was doing and just stand still.  I could not believe that perfection like this could be achieved by a cupcake.

The cake......MOIST and LIGHT!!!!  I hate a heavy cake, and was just super pleased with this cake's light texture and moistness!  The best part...there was none of that weird flavor that you usually get with a poorly made red velvet cupcake.  This cake had a very natural essence.

The cream cheese frosting......If I had to choose only ONE frosting to eat for the rest of my natural life, it would be The Cookie Jar's cream cheese frosting.  Delicious is such an inappropriate word to describe it.  Not too sweet, cream cheese really comes through, melt in your mouth smooth and like the cake, had the most NATURAL flavor.

Overall....the cupcake was perfect.  It was the perfect size with the right amount of frosting.  So many cupcake shops really overdo it on the frosting, making it nothing but a stomach-ache-inducing sugar bomb.  This is NOT that cupcake.

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