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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween Cupcake Lovers!

Hi all!  Well, it was a great Halloween as usual!  What was unusual was the horrific weather two days before Halloween.  Snow, freezing, rain, 30mph winds, it was actually kinda crazy.  Trees falling, power failing...very unexpected.  But kinda fun too.  We spent the day coloring, watching scary movies, and laying around which is just fine by me!  

Luckily by Halloween, all of that nonsensical weather passed and we had a beautiful sunny day with a little chill in the air, perfect for trick or treating with my daughter, sister and nephews.  After a day of walking all over, begging for candy we headed to my mother in laws house for food, company and bobbing for apples as well as some pumpkin decorating!   This is a tradition I really like.  I was thinking next year I would have a Halloween party....but we'll see. Parties are such work!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween and I hope you had at least one good scare!

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