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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lets Not Forget Thanksgiving!

OK, so Halloween is o-v-e-r!  I stopped at the local CVS yesterday and in the blink of an eye, the Halloween goodies are gone gone gone and the Christmas stuff is all out for the holiday "rush".  Whats the rush I wonder?  I was hoping to see some 75% discounts on Halloween merch!  None to be found.

Know what else I couldn't find?  Thanksgiving stuff.  I don't go overboard with the Thanksgiving decor, but I was hoping to see a door wreath perhaps?  Nope.

Well, I hate to skip an entire holiday in anticipation for Christmas, so today I'll post some cute Thanksgiving cupcake photos and hopefully you try your hand at these goodies this year!   I won't post recipes because you can use pretty much any one of your favorite cupcake or cake recipes for the cupcakes and use these cute photos for decoration ideas!

Some of these are probably more difficult than others, but I hope you get some good ideas using these photos and always feel free to post photos of your own right here!  Now, if you are like me and can't bake at all, but love a good cupcake display, visit my etsy shop!

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  1. Great selection! All so sweet, thanks for including my pie and cake cuppies. x