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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Incredible Polymer Clay Cupcake Creations!

Other than making my cupfakes, I have interests in other types of crafts.  One thing I am really starting to appreciate is polymer clay.

I just spent over an hour browsing through this Etsy seller's store, Bead Passion.  It is incredible!  The most adorable cupcake jewelry made out of polymer clay! Charms, earrings, bracelets, its all there.  Its colorful, whimsical and FUN!  take a look at just some of the things she has goin' on over there!

I really love this black and white one!  Tres cupcake chic! Keep in mind these creations are teensy tiny, so a lot of work must go into each one of them! I think they are ADORABLE!  I cannot resist them! Here is the link to visit and take a look for yourself!


  1. Here is the link to her Etsy Shop

  2. Yes, I'm also fascinated with cupcakes made out of polymer clay. I've been trying out for a while now, though they're not yet as perfectly made as what we have here.

    PS: I love the 2 last images of this post, especially the pink one with strawberries.

  3. Your name (comment above)???? Anyway, these are adorable! I love the blue and brown..interesting and different color combination!