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Friday, August 27, 2010

The Cakery Fakery Party Favors

OK, so although I love to create custome cupfakes one at a time depending on my mood, I really want to get the party favor aspect of my business off the ground. 

1) My cupfakes make great party favors.  People will talk about them, and I'm sure they have enough wine bottle stoppers, tiny picture frames, and bottle openers to last a lifetime.  How many cupfakes do you think they have?  None, I'm sure of it. 

2)  A cupfake is probably not the kind of party favor that will be tossed aside, lost or thrown away.  It is truly a keepsake!

3)  I can custom make them to your specifications.  You can choose colors, themes, decorations etc...  They will be YOUR creation for YOUR event!

4)  Party favors are not just for weddings and showers.  Guests will love having a take-away gift from a Summer BBQ, Halloween Party, Christmas party, birthday party, bachelorette party, you name it. 

5) You don't have to have a huge guest list to order my cupfake favors!  Having a party of five? Ten? It really doesn't matter, I can make favors for events big and small

6) Budget concerns?  I not only make standard life sized cupfakes, I make little minis too! Which obviously would cost less for you.

So if you think you'd like some cupfakes for your next event's favors, just email me at  We can talk about your party, what you need, what your budget is, etc etc.  I would also be glad to show you pics of my work. 


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