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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy anniversary Wizard of Oz!

So its one of my favorite movies!  I've created a special Wizard of Oz cupfake SET!

Here it is:

Dorothy cupfake is represented by the signature blue gingham pattern "dress".  the glittery red frosting represents her ruby red slippers.  And it is accentuated with little red poppies!

here is The Tin Man:
Wrapped in a silver foil cupcake wrapper, painted a metallic silver, this cupcake features the one thing The Tin Man longed for, a heart

Here is the Lion:
I had a tough time trying to interpret the lion with a cupcake.  So i made him lion-type colors with glittery gold flecks to represent his furryness, and I included faux silver and topaz medallions to represent the medal of courage given to him by the great and powerful Oz!

Here is the Scarecrow:
Here, the yellow frosting represents the yellow brick road, where Dorothy began her trip and encountered her first companion. I tried to recreate the scene by including some corn stalks and other scare-crowy things lol! He also has a little diploma that was given to him by the Wizard himself!

Hope you like them!

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