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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cupcake Products I LURVE!!!!

OK, cupcakes are all over the place (especially when you're like me, and set out LOOKING for them!)

Here are some really cute things I've found, and some I've tried and love!

OK, I am a HUGE fan of Yankee candle products.  have been for years and years.  So here is their Vanilla Cupcake wax tart.  I love their tarts, they always smell so nice and last forever!  they also have a Christmas Cupcake scent that I have not tried yet.  But this one?  I'm burning them ALWAYS! 

They also have a vanilla cupcake lipbalm!  You know I have this!  I love love love it!  Not only does it smell awesome, but it is in the shape of one of their jar candles which makes it totally irresistible!  

Here are some other things that I have not tried but I found them adorable in their cupcakey-ness! 

Sooooo, what cupcake products do YOU love?  Share share share! 

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