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Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Candyland!

What a weekend!

We made it a point to relax and do nothing on Friday night to prepare for the busy weekend we had ahead of us.

I for one, had lots of cupfake packing to do.  So glad for the sales but I wish I had a packing fairy around here sometimes.

As for the fam, we had lots of Christmas stuff to do, put up the tree, put up the outside lights and decorations etc.  Then I had some old neighbors stop by unexpectedly which always happens when I have boxes strewn about all over my house.  My daughter also invited two neighbor kids to come inside to play.  Which turned out to be a blessing in disguise because they took over decorating the tree and did a fantastic job!

This year, I decided to Christmas-fy my Cakery Studio in the hopes that it will help stir some creative juices.  So that was another project that took twice as long as I thought it would because as soon as I got my white cupcake tree up, it went crashing to the floor.  What a disaster.

Then, my four year old decided it was the perfect time to finish our gingerbread village by completing the gingerbread tree.  Another project.  None of this included the usual stuff like cleaning, laundry and meal-making.

All in all everything got done, but left me completely passed out by 8pm on Sunday night.   So I missed Dexter.....

Here are some pics....

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